Buy my house and rent it back to me

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Buy My House and Rent it BACK TO ME is Blue Bird Buys houses newest program. Would you like to sell your house and have the opportunity to stay living there? Have you run into money problems and risk losing your house? You have options. Blue Bird Buys houses has started a new program in Jacksonville that allows homeowners to sell their house and still live in it.

Buy My House and Rent it BACK TO ME is a growing trend among homeowners who want to stay in place, but find themselves needing to sell their house as-is. Exploring this option presents numerous questions:

Deciding what to do with a house is never an easy decision especially when you may have limited options, You can sell it as-is for cash. You can sell it fast or sell it and rent it back.

Why do you need to sell your house?


In need of costly repairs, need to sell as-is

Do not have somewhere else to go if you sell your house fast

  • Foreclose is the process of the mortgage company reclaiming the house for nonpayment. Jacksonville, Florida is in a legislative state and the process takes longer to run its course than other states. This works well for people who are interested in selling their home and renting it back. Since there is time to find a company that will offer the option to sell the house and rent it back.
  • How many upgrades will the home require in order for someone to buy it? Does an as-is sale make sense?  Will you have to clean out the house to sell it fast? Would the house pass an inspection? All mortgage companies require an inspection. Are there issues that may not be immediately obvious with the Electric, plumbing or roof is there mold in the walls?
  • What if you simply do not have somewhere else to go? Living with relatives is a big thing to ask. For many families, there is simply not enough space to accommodate additional people. In many cases, relatives would have lent a hand to help avoid the situation in the first place. The idea of moving to nursing home or public assistance housing is unappealing.

When faced with losing your house there are not a lot of options. Selling the house on MLS listing service is a good option, but may not be available for various reasons. Selling your house fast or selling your house as-is are possibilities. It may not be the best option. Someone buying your house and renting it back to you is a great option when all others have been exhausted. There are many issues that you will not have to confront if you do not sell your house on the retail market.