Green is the Color of Cash if you sell your house

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Green Is Good for You, Your House and Your Cash!

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Green Comes in Orange, Purple and Blue

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People  are beginning to take notice of the state of the environment.  Most make an effort to recycle, there is more each of us can do to conserve.  Common steps are to avoid environmentally harmful products, and reduce waste in the home. Additionally, it will benefit the earth and your bottom line when selling your house for cash fast!

Here are six fast “go’n green” ideas…

  1. Wash clothing in cold water, 80+% of the energy consumed when using a washing machine is heating the water. Dry clothing on a clothesline or drying rack instead of the machine dryer, the will realize fast cash savings. This is one small thing you can do in your house as-is, there is no repair or upgrade required.
  2. Add a faucet aerator to each faucet if there is not one already. This will conserve water while maintaining water pressure.
  3. Drought-tolerant, native outdoor plants thrive in your climate, often with little watering. Local plants native to your area provide a beautiful, eco-friendly garden for your house that will be simple and low cost to maintain in any condition.
  4. Lower or eliminate consumption of meat in your home. Meat is more expensive than vegetables, it offers environmental benefits. Replacing meats for tofu, beans, or vegetables will benefit your budget, health, and the environment. Consider organic locally raised. This reduces the environmental impacts and helps the local economy.
  5. A water filter for your home and a reusable water bottle will benefit your community. Many plastic bottles are recycled, they still represent a  significant waste. Opt for reusable alternatives as whenever possible, you will save money on water bottles in your house.
  6. Convert old light bulbs to LED  . While there is an upfront cost to upgrade the lights your home will cost less than as-is with old bulbs.  Over several years the energy savings will more than pay for itself and provide maintenance free operation.  These bulbs have a 5+ year life span over conventional bulbs.  This easy step will help you sell your sell house for cash fast.